This is a place where I can be myself. Completely.  Where I muse, daydream, wrestle, vent and share. Where I get it down on the page cos otherwise it stays in my head and makes me a little bit crazy. Better out than in, and all that.

Mostly I daydream.  Thats where I like to be the most. And most of my daydreams are mine to keep.  But there are some folk out there, who seem to enjoy it when I write down the stuff in my head and let them read it – the majority of whom, i suspect, are either completely biased or scared of my wrath.

I consider my life to be a little more unconventional than the average housewife, I have three kids and a husband and we have done 7 international moves in 10 years, mostly to developing countries where the memory of constant electricity makes me salivate, and I have to allow an extra 5 minutes in the mornings for picking the dead ants out of the kids breakfast cereal.  Its actually a huge privilege  and certainly provides lots of fodder for a blog.  But sometimes its tough. Tougher than tough. And sometimes I don’t want to write about the land and people in which I live, sometimes I can’t ‘see’ anymore, so then I want to be able to write about the other stuff. You know the other stuff – life and all that.

So sometimes my ramblings will be about Malawi and sometimes they will be about the other stuff.

Be warned, I wrestle a lot. Its who I am. I mostly see things in different shades of gray. Black and white is a bit of a foreign concept to me, the older I get, and the more I travel, the grayer it all gets. Grey with flashes of vibrant colour. But not a lot of black and white.  So I question and wrestle, but rarely find answers, because mostly I don’t think the answers are out there. I think we are created to question, seek and trust.  I do lots of questioning and seeking. The trust bit I’m working on.

Oh by the way, I’m an actress, so I’m a bit over the top too.


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  1. Hi, Emily,
    I read your blog when I first joined Facebook group 9, but now it’s connected to a “‘real’ person, so it has penetrated that you are now in NYC, as I am, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I’ve been rooted here most of my life, as much as you’ve been living temporarily in far, needy corners of the world. Perhaps we’ll get to meet at some point. Or you’ll give me your personal email.
    My main reason for writing on the blog is privacy. I didn’t see your name on Mira’s one-on-one list. Perhaps you’re on Hillary’s. If you haven’t signed up yet, I urge you again to Sign Up For A Critique. Just Do It.
    Back to your blog post: I know you’re fully capable of researching anything you need to know, and glean info on the playground to help settle in, but as Mom- (of two grown ups) to Mom (of young ones,) I’ll just say one thing… my kids went to public school K – H.S., A great many schools are struggling and not delivering an education, and then there are pockets of excellence, which could mean strict academic skills, loose creative projects or something in between. Kids can thrive and learn in NYC Public Schools, but you have to research the good schools and be their advocate.
    I understand that it’s very hard to cope with so much change in your life, but you will find your way/s. And you have each other.
    Best, Andrea

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